Matchmakers need to be like

 Another headlining event cancelled due to
injury.  In this case a Title fight is transformed
into an Interim Title Match.  Some are happy. 
Some are sad.  All are left without recourse as
“Cards are Subject to Change"

The Insurance industry has developed a product for such occurrences.  The balance point of
competition and commerce requires enough lead time to market upcoming events
where participants are at risk for something unforeseen occurring before the
fight.  Kevin Ferguson,aka Kimbo Slice had both his career and the fate of the mixed martial arts            promotion brought down by such a twist of fate.  T. J. Dillashaw went from a fighter not deemed
viable enough to be in the latest videogame, to a league’s Bantamweight Champion.

 That fight is not on the card.  The fighter is injured.  What's done is done.The question is how to make it right for the fans?

 In short and cynical, “You can’t please all of the people all of the time”.  Some people are fans of the injured fighter and you cannot make them whole.  But for everyone else, what needs to happen is overbooking.  
In the premier recognized MMA organization we have 9, and soon to be 10 championship belts.  For PPV events, at least 2 Championship bouts need to be scheduled every time.  This way, if we lose one headlining event we have an immediate marquee adjustment. Currently for the Pay per View audience,
stop giving us 1 to 2 Great fights and 3 “potential” but unlikely sterling bouts.  Have a full card of known
quantity and great fighters ready to scrap.  
Put the potentials on the road. 
Do house shows the way your professional wrestling counterparts work. Use
weekly smaller venues to allow up and comers to build their audience and become
draws. The problem today is that when a headlining fight drops off the card, the rest of the event is often too weak to sustain its interests or its expected revenues.

 Learn from successful business models.  Take a little less up front in revenue for a greater long term yield and happier consumer base.





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