Is it better to have continuous champions or does the constant shuffling add to the excitement of the sport?  As a fan of the sport I do personally like a steady challenge more than a foregone conclusion.  However, I do think that a true Champion needs to defend their title before they can be considered for any type of elite recognition.

Since the fall of Rousey, the Bantamweight division has not had a successful defense.

Will Miocic, Bisping, Woodley, Alvarez, Nunes  be able to hold their titles or will they join the ranks of Serra, a one night anomaly that was immediately corrected?



09/26/2016 4:32am

The champions are always championed and people never forget the champions because they work hard to achieve this championship. Riesling is the most famous game in the United States and people are enjoying this game or huge fan of this champion.

12/06/2016 4:04am

I am a big fan of the sport just like you. It's a pretty cool and interesting post.

01/05/2017 11:18pm

I think about true chapmions that way too! They really need to defend their title!

05/13/2017 10:25am

I like a steady challenge as you too! I think that is really much cooler!

Sophie Vega
05/16/2017 7:14pm

Hey kevin you told me to email you about book 2

06/05/2017 9:58pm

A big congrats to this ultimate champion on his victory.

06/05/2017 10:50pm

Work harder and achieve victory as this hardcore warrior gains it.


Nice information.

06/14/2017 10:43pm

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