As we all await the release of Human Chess, here are a few other recently released novels to help pass the summer months.  I'm just starting the Ronda Rousey biography so I can't add it yet but confident it's a worthwhile read.  Also, Anaconda Choke is third book in the series (Suckerpunch, Hook and Shoot) and Vanishing Games is the sequel to Ghostman. 

Although released late last year, it still may have snuck by a few of you.  R. Paul Wilson (of the UK's Real Hustle) shows the history of several cons as well as walks you through his experiences performing for the History Channel's "Scammed".  A fun read with anecdotal stories that keeps the Non-fiction moving like a fiction thriller.


Released mid March and for anyone who likes the Philly mob, well planned heists, and respect of the Polish pride of Philadelphia! Parts of Human Chess take part in Port Richmond and the surrounding areas, but Robert makes the city come alive as a character all its own.


You  know you're "Woodshed" Wallace when the cage is the only safe place for  you...

Aaron is back together with the Arcoverdes. Well... for the most part. Aaron is a man who constantly self-destructs by doing the first thing that comes to mind. This time in Brazil,  the issue is once more of multiple conflicts. Do we honor our traditions to the  folly of our future? Do we honor the wishes of our host and
the woman that we  love? Do we risk ourselves to help remove a criminal overlord with a "Deity"  complex? How should you fight a more athletic opponent where your strength plays  into their game plan? And, as always in the Woodshed series, Who do we  trust?


Moves at a break-neck pace like an ultra-violent Dan Brown. Former mentor and protege who need to fix a Heist gone wrong in the Far East.  A sequel to the underated Ghostman



10/20/2016 6:18pm

I have read Art of the Con by Paul Wilson. Art fraud is certainly not new. This book is indeed fascinating. It discusses about true crime art stories and theft. How people try to fake items in exchange for money. They would do everything just to get a big lump sum of money even though they are breaking the law. It is a good read for everyone.

07/10/2017 12:15am

I read The Friendship of Criminals last year and it was one of the best books ever! I have always been a fan of documentaries and what I like watching are documentaries of criminals. I am a Psychology student so I am very curious as to how killers think and behave. When I read The Friendship of Criminals, I didn't expect to be hooked instantly. I finished the book in 24 hours straight because I couldn't put it down. It's actually that good! The book features the different ways on how criminals think and how they led to their own crimes. It's a good book for those people who likes to read mind-boggling stories.

02/25/2017 7:54am

I guess I should read these books. This will be really helpful for me I think.

06/14/2017 12:41am

Thank you for sharing this Summer Reading Selection. I am really having a hard time thinking if what book I'm going to read next. I'm done reading a few novels and now I am searching for more interesting genres to read. I am tired of romantic themed books, it makes me sick to my stomach. Thanks to your suggestions, now I can read another set of books for this summer.

06/05/2017 10:07pm

Love the second one, The friendship of criminals.

06/05/2017 10:47pm

All of above mentioned novels are best choice to read.


Nice information.

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Nice post for all the travellers.


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