The question comes afer another PRIDE fighter is mercilessly KO'd last night.

For me; It's a fighter's choice when to hang it up.  It's a promoter's responsibility to stop
giving them fights when you know they cannot perform.  The sad thing is when
they stay too long and new generations fail to realize how great they were (Legends such as BJ Penn, Chuck Liddel, and Big Nog come immediately to mind)


10/05/2016 9:41am

Fighter is the person who is strong enough to beat many people at the same time. I am a fan of many fighters and I too want t be a fighter because hero never dies like my inspirations.

12/07/2016 11:44pm

What generations do you mean? What great generations can you name?

05/08/2017 4:30am

Interesting question to think about. I have the similar opinion to yours.

07/11/2017 4:25pm

I am not a fan of sports especially boxing, MMA, wrestling and anything in similar. I can't stand watching people fighting and hurting themselves, it feels like I am the one who is being punched and such. However, there are times that I also watch because my dad really loves it but when it is already in the middle of the fight, I am already closing my eyes especially when I can already see that the fighters already have blood on their faces from the bruises. So who really decides when a fighter retires? In my opinion, I think that the final say will always come from the fighter, if he feels like he still wanted to do it and he is still capable then go.


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