One if the most enjoyable benefits of being a writer is being able to correct the flaws in everyday life.  In Smash and Grab we have made this rule change to thwe world of MMA.  I think the world of the Goliath Fighting Championships is better for it

"Championships should be held by champions.
If you can't win your match, vacate the title."

If Title holders knew their positions to be at risk we woould have a great deal less "safe" fighters attempting to "out-point" opponents and win by Judge's decision.

Heck, at least make that the bonus structure reflect wins and not decisions.   To have the gold should have no doubts.
Fighters and their fights should be what decides these.  Not a set of Judges when the local fighter has the roar of the crowd to influence a final outcome.



01/07/2017 2:43am

v nice

07/11/2017 4:48am

Championships should be held by the champions. It is indeed, a great word to stand for as you join a competition. Never leave the decision to the judges. They may be unfair sometimes. But you, as the contender, release the strength and the ability that you have. Prove to everybody else that you can and that you have something that could make you win. In the end, the judges won't have to decide anymore because your charm has been proven throughout the entire game.


Wrestling and boxing is much famous in peoples. It is fighting games and it also risky for players. Game and sport is not joke because it need much hardworking for long time.

04/16/2017 11:23pm

Boxing is one of the world's most famous sports. It is a kind of sports where a lot of people from all over the world don't mind spending time watching. In every sport or contest, Judges must not be biased when deciding who wins the game. They must be fair in judging. But keep in mind that whether we lose or win, we are all champions because we TRY. After all, a true winner is not the one who earns the trophy, but the one who has the ability to accept being defeated, and still manage to smile.

04/21/2017 6:13am

It was a tough fight. It's quite hard for me to look at these photos now.


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