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Norton Office Space
2.Larry Bulger Grifters
3.Shawn Colpitts The Score 
4.Shawn Stewart Usual Suspects

Bad news; I have commitments this week with school and NoirCon so these may not get mailed out until next weekend.
(Which is good as it will give you time to email your addresses to )


It was good to hear the names of winners and I appreciate all of them for their hard work. I believe that whatever you are doing it is important to pay attention and achieve the goals.

09/10/2017 11:59pm

I am just new here on your website that's why I am clueless with the contest you've had. What was the contest for? I am sorry because I couldn't relate that much. I also don't know the type of contest you've had, and the winners are not names of people. That's why I had a bit of confusion here on your post. But I am willing to read your past articles so I can catch up!

09/30/2016 3:33am

Every person is a winner who does hard work to gain his/her dreams and can make winners as well because he becomes an inspiration for every other person.


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Your blogs are always interesting. It has a great impact when it comes to connection in gadgets and technologies. I supposed that those winners were really hard working in nature. And thumbs up also to the participants. Maybe it is not yet the right time for them to win but at least they tried. Always update us with all the live games and contests that you know. Especially the criteria and everything that are about the game. Thank you for this.


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