Is it better to have continuous champions or does the constant shuffling add to the excitement of the sport?  As a fan of the sport I do personally like a steady challenge more than a foregone conclusion.  However, I do think that a true Champion needs to defend their title before they can be considered for any type of elite recognition.

Since the fall of Rousey, the Bantamweight division has not had a successful defense.

Will Miocic, Bisping, Woodley, Alvarez, Nunes  be able to hold their titles or will they join the ranks of Serra, a one night anomaly that was immediately corrected?

Blood Wedding Hardcover –Released in English in the United States September 6, 2016 by Pierre Lemaitre Ohhh How I wish I could talk about this book. Sadly all I want to say may spoil it.  Masterfully dark and terrifying suspense.  Stay until the end as the final turn is positively Hitchcock!
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As we all await the release of Human Chess, here are a few other recently released novels to help pass the summer months.  I'm just starting the Ronda Rousey biography so I can't add it yet but confident it's a worthwhile read.  Also, Anaconda Choke is third book in the series (Suckerpunch, Hook and Shoot) and Vanishing Games is the sequel to Ghostman. 

Although released late last year, it still may have snuck by a few of you.  R. Paul Wilson (of the UK's Real Hustle) shows the history of several cons as well as walks you through his experiences performing for the History Channel's "Scammed".  A fun read with anecdotal stories that keeps the Non-fiction moving like a fiction thriller.


Released mid March and for anyone who likes the Philly mob, well planned heists, and respect of the Polish pride of Philadelphia! Parts of Human Chess take part in Port Richmond and the surrounding areas, but Robert makes the city come alive as a character all its own.


You  know you're "Woodshed" Wallace when the cage is the only safe place for  you...

Aaron is back together with the Arcoverdes. Well... for the most part. Aaron is a man who constantly self-destructs by doing the first thing that comes to mind. This time in Brazil,  the issue is once more of multiple conflicts. Do we honor our traditions to the  folly of our future? Do we honor the wishes of our host and
the woman that we  love? Do we risk ourselves to help remove a criminal overlord with a "Deity"  complex? How should you fight a more athletic opponent where your strength plays  into their game plan? And, as always in the Woodshed series, Who do we  trust?


Moves at a break-neck pace like an ultra-violent Dan Brown. Former mentor and protege who need to fix a Heist gone wrong in the Far East.  A sequel to the underated Ghostman

We have another give away.  This time:  Everlast MMA gloves donated and signed
by Will Martinez (Bellator), Jesus Martinez (Bellator), Zach Makovsky
(UFC), Chris Daukaus (XFE), and Steve McCabe (Cage Titans FC).

The Contest; former con man and now
professional Mentalist and Security expert Matt The Knife has granted us an
interview.  This child protege From approximately 14 through 21, he worked as a
con artist, operated a card-cheating ring, a shoplifting gang and a
pick-pocketing ring which bilked dozens of casinos, corporations and even at
least one Mafia family.

Here's your chance to
find out what you can from the other side of the legal line. I will send him the
first 20 questions we get and run a randomizer on who gets these gloves.  Email
your questions to me at
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Learning the laws of other countries whoile working and the holidays took more time than I expected.  So I apologize.

In the interim, we've also accepted a guest posting gig on  MMA REPZ and have been working on setting up interviews for you.

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The question comes afer another PRIDE fighter is mercilessly KO'd last night.

For me; It's a fighter's choice when to hang it up.  It's a promoter's responsibility to stop
giving them fights when you know they cannot perform.  The sad thing is when
they stay too long and new generations fail to realize how great they were (Legends such as BJ Penn, Chuck Liddel, and Big Nog come immediately to mind)
The first rule of the con game is that you can’t cheat an honest person.
 Everyone looks at Bernie Madoff and talks about the criminal empire he ran. What about his clients?

 He offered them a 9% return on investment when the rest of us were making 2-3.5% in best case scenarios.

When they collected the nine, they felt they were better and smarter than us.  When
they lost it all they called upon us for sympathy.

What Bernie did was wrong, but so was the role of the investors.

When the deals too good to be true, it’s because it’s a con.

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One if the most enjoyable benefits of being a writer is being able to correct the flaws in everyday life.  In Smash and Grab we have made this rule change to thwe world of MMA.  I think the world of the Goliath Fighting Championships is better for it

"Championships should be held by champions.
If you can't win your match, vacate the title."

If Title holders knew their positions to be at risk we woould have a great deal less "safe" fighters attempting to "out-point" opponents and win by Judge's decision.

Heck, at least make that the bonus structure reflect wins and not decisions.   To have the gold should have no doubts.
Fighters and their fights should be what decides these.  Not a set of Judges when the local fighter has the roar of the crowd to influence a final outcome.