The question comes afer another PRIDE fighter is mercilessly KO'd last night.

For me; It's a fighter's choice when to hang it up.  It's a promoter's responsibility to stop
giving them fights when you know they cannot perform.  The sad thing is when
they stay too long and new generations fail to realize how great they were (Legends such as BJ Penn, Chuck Liddel, and Big Nog come immediately to mind)
The first rule of the con game is that you can’t cheat an honest person.
 Everyone looks at Bernie Madoff and talks about the criminal empire he ran. What about his clients?

 He offered them a 9% return on investment when the rest of us were making 2-3.5% in best case scenarios.

When they collected the nine, they felt they were better and smarter than us.  When
they lost it all they called upon us for sympathy.

What Bernie did was wrong, but so was the role of the investors.

When the deals too good to be true, it’s because it’s a con.